Minecraft - The Matrix Parody

2013-01-29 04:44:29 by hbrunav

So... about 3 months ago I finished this short. I am just recently uploading it to Newgrounds, the main reason is because I was too lazy to take my damn time and make the flash version of it (I suck at actionscript).


And here its on NG:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. I hope you liked the short and again sorry for being so late. Won't happen again.


PS: I must say THANKS to the great crew who helped me with this project.

- Mick: You are the best, I didn't pushed you too much on this project as I will on the following ones =D . You know I love you and respect you, thank you for this and all the other stuff we have worked on.
- Tommy: You totally nailed the feeling I wanted for the short and the music, you are so talented and such a cool dude.
- Chris: You did an incredible job with the sound composition and in real short time. You have an incredible voice talent that I want to use for my next projects for sure =D.

Thank you guys, this was possible because of you :')


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2013-01-29 05:10:18

Dude, you just got yourself a new fan. (not the electric kind)
The quality of your animation is awesome!
This must have taken so much time.
Also, if you ever need a voice actor *cough* let me know, lol

hbrunav responds:

Hehe Ok. Thanks man. It took a while, about 3 months to complete, too much stuff going on at that time, didn't had much time to work on it.


2013-01-29 18:15:00

great team up

hbrunav responds:

Thanks Luis. And I really appreciate your critic/comment :)


2013-02-02 20:18:13

At First You Got My Curiosity Now you Have My Attention Dude you Have To make A Series out Of this And if you Do you will get many fans and stuff like that.
and Great team.


2013-02-23 01:04:08

i dont know if u used magic or not but this is awesome